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Learnings from the Last Year of Running a Business

Wow, another year has flown by! That time of year has arrived once again, the time of year when we look back, reflect, learn from the broader patterns, and make decisions that set the foundation for a successful next year!

Last years reflections were certainly plentiful, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint, with the emotional roller coaster of running a business seemingly having no end. However, advancing along your business journey from ...

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Culture, A.I, and the Non-Desk Workforce

I was recently honored to participate in a panel at Beekeeper’s announcement of their integrated workplace feature, alongside Jennifer Pappas (Internal Communications Manager at Wireless Vision), Anja Luthje (Group Director Rooms and Quality for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group), and facilitated by Beekeepers VP Corey McCarthy.

The theme was all about the hot-topic of culture, A.I and especially how they impacted the non-desk workforce.

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6 Considerations for Using Feedback to drive your Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

By now it is pretty clear that your customers are the core of driving your experience strategy. Given that using customer feedback and insights is a critical part of the CX agenda, at EffectUX we often find ourselves getting asked about how to create a cohesive customer feedback strategy—from both a client perspective and an employee perspective. So here are 6 considerations and some great articles providing insights ...

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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Customer Experience Feedback Strategy

The fight for customer loyalty is fierce these days and with the ever increasing focus, many brands are taking a closer look at how they can compete to win the heart-share, mind-share, and of course, “purse-share” of their audiences. As they focus on elevating their customer experiences and finding their advantages in an ever more competitive marketplace, several businesses  ...

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4 Innovation Takeaways from the EY Global TMT Expo

Last week we had the honor of attending the EY Global TMT Expo. It was a great day filled with several thought provoking conversations, ideas, and opportunities. The Expo was attended by 14 industry sectors that included several companies around the areas of customer experience, to business transformation, robotics, and AI.

While talking with the attendees—the representatives of various products ...

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Organizational Barriers to Delivering your Customer Experience

It is no secret that organizations everywhere are trying to focus on the experience they provide to their customers. But truthfully, thinking about your customers and users should simply be how you work, how you think, and how you operate across the whole business anyway. The organizations that do this tend to see the power of using Experience Design and this way of thinking to solve business problems in ...

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4 Common Barriers to Women’s Confidence due to Money Beliefs

After the success of the Confidence EmpowHER event in November last year, we were honored to provide The Glow Effect with a Money Belief Index for their recent event in LA called, EmpowHER: Crush Money Blocks & Raise Your Worth. This half-day conference-like workshop was built on the same event-design principles that I discussed previously with Glow Effect Founder, Saren Stiegel, but, this time, gave females the opportunity...

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8 Reasons Why the Gap Widened Between Customer Experience (CX) Leaders and Laggards in 2016

Last year Forrester spoke of CX leaders and laggards, and the fact that “Customer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products.” Now, while being a CX leader is a moving target, as we start 2017 it is certainly becoming even more apparent which brands truly have the customer as their focus, truly have Customer Experience as a strategy, and who is actually moving the needle and transforming how customers and potential customers feel about them.

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5 Findings from Studying Women’s Confidence Levels

Recently we were honored to be a part of an EmpowHER event in association with The Glow Effect. At the start, the women in attendance took our Confidence Index. This had two purposes in relation to the event’s design: firstly, to enable reflection amongst the attendees that would set up the correct mind-set for deeper discussions, and secondly, to allow us to see the barriers and strengths present amongst those...

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14 Learnings from Starting my Own Business

I’ve often been told by several relatives that from a very young age I used to say that I wanted to run my own business. Now I do, and as the end of the year comes, a time that always instills increased and broader reflection than normal, I was looking back at all that I have learned since starting out this chapter of my journey.

Firstly, owning your own business can be...

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4 Reminders About the Impact of Brand Reputation from A Chance Interaction with a Restaurant Owner

I had a very interesting interaction the other day with a man who is a partner in a Poke bar chain that has a couple of locations nearby. The interaction served as a great reminder as to how the Customer Experience is built from every interaction with a brand, including moments such as a seemingly innocuous conversation with a person representing the brand.

First, some background..

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