Customer Service Experience


Understand How Your “On-the-Floor” and Service Experience Makes Your Customers Feel & Behave

Today, we operate in a highly competitive online and physical marketplace where providing an experience can make brands effective competitors.  In-person or on-the-floor Customer Service is a crucial part of the customer experience.  How your employees interact with customers before, during, and afterwards has a large impact on how the customer will feel once they leave.

Our Customer Service Experience success model is tailored to look at your unique brand values and your industry, be that retail, dining, or hospitality to evaluate exactly the impact of your employee interactions, behaviors and attitudes, on your customer experience.  We can conduct baselines, or enable you to utilize the model within your own feedback initiatives.

Look across the journey

Discover what your in-store environment and customer service interactions feels like.

Our in-store Customer Service Index was created using our proprietary approach and covers over 30 attributes across 7 core factors that create an environment and interactions where customers will feel positively about their on-the-floor experience. 


PINPoint actions that matter

Understand where to focus and what solutions will lead to results.

Because this focuses on the interactions between your customers and those employees that are there to assist the customer and meet their needs, your evaluation will result in tangible focus areas that you can easily direct efforts towards in the way that makes the best sense for your business.

Develop in the Optimal Way

Compare and leverage strengths to increase the total experience.

The Index can be used for comparisons across different locations or departments so that you can leverage the strengths in a way that the whole experience can be elevated.  The evaluation includes specific, focused action items to develop each location or department in the most optimal way for them.


What is Evaluated

We use several points of analysis to determine what is positively and negatively impacting your customer service experience across the following success factors.


How behaviors and attributes of employees uphold the brand feel and enable customer's to experience the brand values.


How the level of knowledge and situational awareness helps create the best possible interaction experience.


How the attitude and communication style and response impacts the way the customer feels.


How the way that employees carry themselves in normal and heated moments impacts the customer's perception.


How behaviors and characteristics of employees enable the customer to feel a level of trust and connectedness to them and the brand.


How the actions of employees impact the perceived speed of service.


How the actions and behaviors of employees contribute to the feel of the environment for the customers.