Are you set up to really deliver your customer experience agenda?

We have found Culture, is at the very core of successful, competitive strategies, and it is measurable, and demonstrable in several ways.  Our Customer Experience Index aims to make growing a Culture achievable by understanding where you are across all the facets needed and what you can do to advance.

 It is not as simple as saying you are “Innovative” or “Disruptive”, having a "Customer Experience" leader, mapping customer journeys, or attractive designs. It is a thought process and approach that touches every facet of the organization that requires both a way of thinking and enablement to execute.

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Quickly and easily understand where you are in your unique journey.

The assessment takes ~15 minutes to complete.

Taking the complementary assessment will provide you with a highlight of where you are now for each of the drivers, and an overview of what you should work on to progress.

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Obtain a tailored and comprehensive view across your whole organization.

Our reports analyze your unique responses covering 12 factors for over 70 attributes from design strategy, employee enablement, employee engagement to leadership, process, skills, tools, and measures.

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Learn the tangibly achievable steps that are proven to help you advance.

Our comprehensive reports will tell you exactly how you can progress and what to do, based on our experience enabling organizations large and small to grow their culture, as well as researching organizations that clearly have a culture that enables them to be successful.

Our phased journey of growth ensures the supporting foundation, the mindset and the behavior changes needed, are developed along the way.

How we measure Customer experience maturity

Through our research, we have discovered a journey of growth that leads to an organization where Customer Experience is part of the DNA.

The stages build upon each other to create an environment where the mindset and behaviors needed can grow, develop and thrive.

  1. Starting Out:  Limited or ad hoc focus and understanding of Experience and enablement.
  2. Growing:  Growth and legitimization of approach value throughout the organization.
  3. Nearly There:  Integration and expansion of approach usage.
  4. DNA:  The process of thought and operation, throughout the business.



Making sure that experience design has a seat at the table.  This enables Experience to influence from the very top the innovation and direction of the holistic experience journey for the customer.


Ensuring that everyone has access to the talent and the insights.

This enables experience to be traceable throughout the lifecycle so that the efforts are not siloed or separate, but threaded throughout.


Having a purpose, a vision and a brand experience that the people in the organization share, believe in and drive throughout all they do.  This also allows brand consistency while designing for the different use cases and customers.


Having the skills, capabilities and characteristics needed for creating experience strategy and executing it.  This includes the individuals working on the experience, as well as the organization as a whole. 


Utilizing a rich variety of data and insights.  This looks at the data used to drive design, if it is fit for purpose, and used at a valuable moment to enable impact.