Sarah Deane is a speaker, writer, and practitioner of experience design and data science.  As the founder of EffectUX, she enables businesses to achieve sustainable success through the use of human-driven data across Customer Experience, Workplace Culture, Leadership, and Wellbeing.  Sarah enjoys pioneering a better way to measure goals, using her patent pending methodology to help people and organizations take practical steps that expedite the pace of change. Sarah uses her background in A.I., experience design, and human behavior to help brands deliver positive customer and employee experiences and to cultivate positively energizing behaviors, enabling higher levels of satisfaction, engagement and productivity. She is the creator of The Leadership Quotient and, most recently, of EMQ -- a research-based system that rapidly and accurately assesses de-energizing behaviors, and provides expert advice, analysis and development to keep people and organizations feeling and performing their best.

Sarah holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.  She published her User Experience (UX) primer in 2014 and the Wellness Formula in 2018. She has been a featured speaker at conferences such as SXSW, America’s Women Leadership Conference and The Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and has contributed to Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Business2Community, and other platforms.

To her speaking engagements Sarah brings the unique combination of extensive research, practical application, and experience design, making each event a motivating foundation from which attendees take away both actionable insights and inspired thoughts

Previous Engagements


In addition to the examples below, Sarah has facilitated hundreds of workshops and trainings globally, both in person and virtually. 


Life HAcks to Be a power leader

A Watermark Webinar (

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit

San Mateo, CA

Executive Presence for Women

Stanford University, CA

A.I., Culture, and the Non Desk Workforce

San Francisco, CA

Up leveling your Confidence

Los Angeles, CA

Invent your Future Conference

Santa Clara, CA

America’s Women Leadership Conference

Santa Clara, CA

SXSW:  The Productive Workplace:  UX, Technology, and You

Austin, TX


“Sarah is a dynamic speaker and an authority on leadership development. She brings a unique approach by fusing psychology, really deep questioning and AI to fast track positive behavioral change in yourself.”

tanal Basma


“I like to combine informative content, with practical application, so that attendees are engaged, motivated, and enabled to continue the momentum in their lives.   My favorite thing, is seeing the lightbulb turn on, those ah-ha moments, that transforms mindsets and disrupts ways of thinking.”





Sarah enjoys leveraging her research, tools, and systems to support the growth of women and empower a diverse leadership pipeline.  Through her proven methodology, Sarah has a unique blend of data-driven and use case inspired insights that she uses to lead workshops and coach women, at Fortune 500’s as well as start-ups, to maximize their impact in their lives and at work, foster healthy relationships, and catalyze sustained success. 


“I believe, we owe it to every person that fought for the opportunities we have today and to every little girl out there that thinks she can’t - to show her that she can.

While policies and processes may be changing over time, the one thing we can all do, immediately, is work on ourselves, so that we are not our own biggest hindrances.

Women tell us all the time, I want to speak up, I want to be noticed, I want to stop overthinking and take risks…but these capabilities are not a switch you can just turn on. The best way to achieve a goal is to create an environment where it has the best chance of success. So, we focus on building the underlying mindsets and behaviors that enable women to do these things. We help women understand their behavior as it relates to their intrinsic value and mindset, surfacing opportunities for greater internal alignment, fulfillment, and ultimately, engagement in life and work. We focus on helping them build the mental muscles that they can use each and every day to forge the future they want.”



“Sarah Deane distills down to the essentials in a non nonsense fashion every time! A true authority in her field.”

Sridhar Narasiman: Vice President, Customer Experience Hewlett Packard

“Thank you so much for your stories and your candor. What you said really resonated and it is so refreshing to see a leader that embraces their flaws and presents their authentic self.  It helps us women know we can do it.”

Executive Presence Participant, Tech StartUp

“The session was the most engaging and interactive I’ve ever been to.  It is completely different to every training we have ever had.  I seriously walked away with a whole new outlook.”

Training Session Participant, BMS.



“In the time I have known Sarah she has inspired me, my teams and almost everyone she talks to of the importance of having a point of view and reaching for your goals. As a passionate spokesperson for design thinking and creating great user experiences in the commercial world she has helped many fortune 500 companies develop better products and services. She has led several workshops for my team and customers around design thinking and leadership. She has been equally successful in the corporate world as she has as an entrepreneur, thought leader and founder of EffectUX. I think she would be inspirational as a speaker or workshop leader.



Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Sarah was a guest on the 9 D’s of workplace wellness podcast, discussing the link between wellbeing and engagement, leadership skills, and workplace wellness trends.


Renee Nieme - SVP Plantronics

“Sarah has always impressed me with her intuitively scientific approach to UX.  Her background in how the brain codifies and interprets information enables her to see through the obvious to create real breakthrough concepts in user experience.

Sarah is able to translate complex tasks into a few easy steps by combining her deep knowledge on the brain, with her intuitively inspired but data rich analysis on how people react to their environment.

I’m a first hand witness to Sarah’s ability to improve user adoption of tools, by clear segmentation of her users, examining not only what task they performed, but how, when and what environment they accomplished it in.  This sets the framework for consistently excellent user experience and was an inspiration to rethinking how we defined products.”


The EffectUX Approach