workplace culture & leadership

Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Our people and workplace orientated models focus on fostering highly productive and engaged cultures, resilient and authentic people, as well as leadership that performs and feels their best.




Clear Action Plans

Workshops & Trainings

Development & Growth

Depending on your needs we offer three measurement systems and supporting services focused on evaluations, development, and support for strategic plans. We use a combination of digital tools, personalized workbooks, reports, and in-person support.

Current State Evaluation

We start by using an evaluation that is based on our extensively researched models to diagnose your current state - seeing what is positively and negatively impacting your desired state.

Goal Setting and Monitor

Using our patent pending modeling procedure we will show you the biggest openings for growth that will have the highest impact on your goal, as well as have complementary development services.

Transformation Support

Using the baseline diagnostic we use the model to simulate the potential impact of actions to construct a roadmap covering low hanging fruit, quick wins, and longer terms strategic direction.


We offer Three Models to

Engage, Grow, and Enable your Employees.

Depending on your needs and goal, the first step is to see which model is right for you.


EMQ: Resilience and wellbeing

Create energized, positive, and resilient individuals and teams by looking at the behaviors that enable people to perform and feel their best.

LQ: authentic leadership

Create teams and individuals that have a growth-mindset, are emotionally aware, for better feelings of worth, executive presence, creativity, and efficiency.

CQ: high performance culture

Create an organizational culture of high performance, trust, and connection by looking across space, technology, people, and process and how it all comes together.


Who We Help

Our models service the growth of high performance, highly engaged, teams, organizations, and individuals - we work with Enterprise & high growth start ups that need the skills to scale successfully.


Business Leaders

We provide a rapid understanding of their people, their needs, and the actions to best achieve their goals.

  • Growing underperforming teams

  • Delivering better customer experiences

  • Effectively onboard and integrate teams

  • Leadership on-boarding

  • Diversity and women focused development

HR Leaders

We pinpoints the exact root cause of low engagement trends, develop modern leadership skills, and foster wellbeing.

  • Driving lasting impact to engagement

  • Integrating multiple cultures and M&A

  • Fostering cultural values

  • Stress management and positive mental wellbeing

  • Evolve culture for changing business landscapes

Learning and Development

We provide personalized growth journeys that encompasses the cognitive and behavioral aspects needed for real outcomes.

  • Develop key soft skills such as growth mindset, mindfulness, and resiliency

  • Real life action plans focused on the whole person

  • Continued momentum in small, achievable steps for expedited, sustained behavior change




Create positively energized, productive, and resilient individuals and teams by looking at the behaviors that enable people to perform and feel their best.

Based in positive psychology, resilience, and positive energy state management this model covers 12 factors across 74 attributes that help cultivate a high performance, positive working environment. Particpants responses are correlated to over 1,200 mappings to understand where individuals, teams, or organizations are.

Proven Benefits of EMQ


Increased happiness

Cultivating a workforce of fulfillment and gratitude.

Improved productivity

Employees with improved attention, memory, and focus.

Increased organizational resilience

Employees that can handle complex changes and recover from difficult moments.

Healthier relationships and interactions

Employees that foster meaningful, collaborative relationships with colleagues and customers.

Decreased bias and toxicity

Employees that have reduced bias, greater compassion, and broader perspectives.


Senior Manager, Hewlett Packard

“Honestly, without the index and exercises and growth that brought me i'm not sure I would have even started looking at what else work held, so thank you again. I'm not sure you will ever know the impact you've had on my life”




Empower the growth of individuals and teams for higher self- and team-esteem.

Based in authentic confidence, execute presence, growth mindset and emotional awareness, this model covers 13 factors across 70 attributes.Particpants responses are correlated to over 1,000 mappings to understand where individuals, teams, or organizations are.

Proven Benefits of LQ


Increased awareness 

of context, oneself, and their environment to internalize feedback and respond with purpose.

HiGHER Confidence

Greater mental strength, improved physical presence, better communications, and a more aligned internal sense of self.

Sustained impact

Through experiential learning in the context of real life.

Elevated team esteem 

Cultivating an external perception of pride in the collective team.

Greater levels of trust 

Enabling openness and ability to express opinions to set the stage for better collaboration.

Increased efficiency 

From a better understanding of prioritization, effective planning, and trade-offs.

Higher levels of creativity

Enabling a freedom of thought to generate and ideate.

Greater levels of connectedness

Between colleagues, the organization, and themselves.

Harvard business review

“The mismatch between leadership development as it exists and what leaders actually need is enormous and widening.”




Foster an environment for high levels of engagement, creativity, and execution.

Based on the attributes of high performance cultures, this model covers 14 factors across 70+ attributes. Particpants responses are correlated to over 600 mappings to understand where your organization is. The CQ is only for teams or organizations aimed at fostering a culture of learning, experimentation and continuous delivery, where people strive to excel as a team, deliver on business outcomes & provide a meaningful customer experience.

Proven Benefits of CQ


Pinpoint the root cause for low employee engagement or satisfaction.

Discover the exact action plan to foster a high performing culture.

Understand sub-cultures and broader organizational blockers.

Increase employee engagement and productivity.

Increase talent attraction and retention.

Increase congruence between cultural values and behaviors.

We are passionate about applying our services to the growth of

Diverse Leaders

We use both the LQ and EMQ to support growth and empowerment initiatives for women and diverse leadership development so that they can build the mindset and behaviors for success, improving resiliency, presence, risk-taking, communications, and elevating feelings of self-worth.

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