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Why has your Customer Experience (CX) become stagnant?

As a new year rolls around, many brands have been busy – for a while now – thinking about their 2018 goals and strategies. Sure enough, they completed these same processes and planning around the same time last year…and yet, in their latest CX results Forrester “revealed a CX leadership gap”.

We remembered writing about this problem towards the end of 2016, where ...

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Moving Beyond the Buzzword to a Culture of Customer Experience

With 2016 dubbed the year of the Customer by many, companies are fighting to make sure that they do all they can to become customer focused; even obsessed.  They have hired for various roles, ranging from Customer Success to Chief Happiness and more, they conduct journey mappings, create amazing designs…but the truth is, whether they know it or not, all of these are steps on a much larger, highly impactful journey. 

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