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The Top 3 Reasons People are not Feeling their Best Selves

The word mindful--or mindfulness --has exploded in recent years, for many reasons and most importantly for many benefits - even though the concepts and practice has been around for ages. That seems to be the trend with many industry crazes, a concept that has been around for some time, which when applied in the right way can be incredibly valuable, arises, gains popularity, and ...

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Being in the moment, when you don't have a moment.

We often joke in the office that the word “busy” would appear to need a new definition as it seems to have become the standard response to the question: “How are you?”

Think about it, when you are asked ‘how you are,’ or you ask someone ‘how’s it going?’ What are the most common responses? We asked around and got a plethora of “things are just so busy at the moment,” “I’m good, you know the usual, busy,” “Same old here,” for which ...

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Making New Behaviors Stick.

Changing behaviors is no easy feat. It takes a lot of effort, time, and patience. While we work on driving behavioral changes in individuals and teams on a daily basis, I personally have experienced three things that have helped me when I myself am working on engaging new behaviors and making them ...

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The 12 Factors of Energizing Behaviors

Life seems to be becoming increasingly overwhelming and stressful. It is clear that if we do not start working on behaviors and strategies to cope with these challenges, the levels of disengagement, depression, and stress will continue to reach new highs. In fact, a national survey of 614 HR leaders, including CHRO’s, VP’s, Directors and Managers, found that 95% of participants admit that ...

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