Creating Your Experience Vision and Leadership Alignment


Our client leadership team needed to understand their customer journey and how to apply Experience Design thinking across all their functions and services, for competitive advantage and customer retainment.

They needed to use an Experience based methodology in their go-to-market approach.


Many of the key decision makers did not fully understand how to utilize their understanding of the customer to tailor their go to market strategy. 

The connection in experience story, for their customers, between all the services offered was fragmented.  They needed to flip their thinking to start with the Experience Story and then build out the offering.


We provided a team session that:

  • Trained the team on the key principals behind understanding people, emotions and behavior, as well as how to apply it to the customer journey and their unique, compelling experience story.

  • Worked through empathy mapping, the customer journey and their experience ecosystems for their exact services and context.

  • Defined the success factors for each experience as it correlates to the holistic experience vision.

  • Provided analysis of the session, with key go forward plans to ensure that the foundation learned in the session could be tangibly continued.


  • Multiple actionable and business practical customer experience initiatives identified.

  • A new way of thinking for key decision makers.


The UX workshop last week was fantastic, and the team had really positive feedback coming out of it.

— Session Participant

Client session example

Client session example

Sarah Deane