Optimizing User Multi-Touchpoint Journey's


The client had started designing ideas due to their timeline, but they were coming up against implementation issues and it was taking a while to get to a finished feature due to multiple iterations to fix underlying issues.


They had not completed user flows and therefore had no consensus on what the experience was going to be, before determining the how.  Without thinking through their user flows they missed opportunities for questions to arise and be answered before already getting to development - where it is more expensive to fix problems.


We provided a session that:

  • Trained the team on user flows and flow optimization.

  • Walked through the flow creation process for their solution, enabling them to fix the underlying issues.

  • Enabled them to design their user flows and use Experience Flow Optimization to ensure it was the best underlying experience by incorporating an understanding of what the success factors are.


  • Enabled cross-functional communications as to feasibility and effort.  This allowed carefully thought through trade offs for an optimal solution.

  • Designers, architects, engineers and business functions all were aligned in the “what”, so each could focus on their part of the “how”.

  • The flows were used in communications with their lighthouse customers which received excellent client feedback.  The clients understood what was being delivered, scope and realized how much the team had thought through both experience and business objectives.


You guys are very impressive and I’m so grateful that we’ve connected and are able to work together
You are teaching me and my team a ton. Thank You!

— Vice President, Client Solutions

Tailored Boot-Camp Content to Meet Client Needs

Tailored Boot-Camp Content to Meet Client Needs

Flows Created and Optimized

Flows Created and Optimized

Sarah Deane