Defining Digital Strategy Across All Touchpoints


Our client needed to maximize their customer touch points throughout the journey to provide a differentiated experience in a highly competitive market landscape.  They needed to understand their digital channels and how to use them to meet their vision, and integrate them with the physical world experience channels and touch points.

They knew what they wanted to do, but no idea how to get there and felt overwhelmed by the digital landscape.  They also lacked a cohesive brand story.


They had been implementing digital initiatives, however, had not thought through their experience strategically and then optimized each touchpoint for the whole journey so initiatives seemed fragmented.


We used our signature framework to:

  • Educate them of how to plan and optimize the customer journey.

  • Work with them through their vision, their customer segments and how to apply this to a strategy across both physical and digital channels and touch points.

  • Understand what their experience success factors were.

  • Provide plans and templates to continue the work that was started in the session.


  • An experience vision and strategy that differentiated them.

  • Client felt empowered to implement the plan.


What you done for me was amazing. I feel free to go ahead and implement my brand in a cohesive way.

All this online stuff isn’t so overwhelming anymore thanks to your framework and approach.

— Founder, Leadership Session

Example Client Session Output

Example Client Session Output

Sarah Deane