Enabling Customer Experience for I.T. Support


A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company wanted to elevate the experience of their employee support experience.  The Support Engineers had received training before, but they were looking for something different that would focus on Customer Service Experience beyond fundamental principles and rules.


Using our framework, we created a training day (8 hours with breaks) that was built on a technique of education and application cycles, with creative engagement, which centered on two of our models:

  • The LQ:  To understand the participant's strengths and openings for growth as it pertains to the personal skills needed to deliver a great customer service experience.  Using real-time data we drove meaningful conversations around solutions for their collective and individual challenges.

  • The Support Experience Model:  To build the training around the exact factors that impacted whether a customer felt positively or negatively - this model was used as the base of all activities, making sure to always drive direction back into context and into direct actions.

Using these data-driven models as a foundation, attendees covered:  User Experience fundamentals, the science of emotions, their audiences and empathy, the metrics that matter, their barriers and solutions to delivering the experience, the user journey and where impact moments occurred, putting it into action through scenarios, and committed actions.


  • A better ability to apply empathetic responses and contextual awareness.

  • An understanding of customer experience from an emotional standpoint, with the exact actions that impacted it.

  • A team and individual accountability for the engineers part in the experience delivery, as it pertained to the IT brand.

  • Increased alignment between engineers and support management.

  • Continued growth and momentum as each participant received their personal workbook based on their LQ results.


This was great, not what we expected at all. We expected a boring day with someone talking through slides – but it was really interactive and engaging.

— Participant Feedback

My friend was in the other session and I asked them what to expect – they said – get ready, you will be busy and it is not what you expect!

— Participant Feedback

I am learning so much – I think I actually learned more in this one day than I have since I started!

— Participant Feedback


Collective development of behaviors and mindsets that enable the delivery of optimal customer service experience interactions.


Understanding the impact moments across the user support experience as it correlated to evoking positive and negative sentiment.


Individual workbooks to continue growth including:  their overview, their top strengths and opportunities and development exercises for their top areas to grow the cognitive processes and behaviors needed.

Sarah Deane