customer support can differentiate your customer experience

How a brand shows up when things go wrong weighs heavily on the Customer’s perception of the brand as a whole.

The support experience, customer service, and customer care, play an incredibly important role in a Customer’s Experience of a brand.  Through in-depth research using system data, customer feedback and discovery sessions with IT leadership, Agents, Customers and Users we used our approach to create a Support Experience Index that covers 70 attributes across 7 factors.  We look at capabilities and competencies, integration between people, data and touch points, and the level of connection and trust.

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Prioritize and optimize areas of impact across the whole ecosystem.

There are several lenses needed when designing and delivering the support experience effectively. You need to consider the viewpoint of the Customer interacting with the experience, the Delivery Teams to be sure they can implement the experience, and the Business to be sure that they are optimized operationally.

Our Index provides you a holistic vantage point across all 3, this way you can make the most optimal decisions. 

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Validate your Agent Experience is enabling delivery.

It is imperative that your Agents are enabled to deliver the desired experience to your Customers.  

Our Index covers the most important aspects of the Agent Experience so you can be sure you are hiring, training, and supporting the delivery of a differentiated Customer Experience.

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Ensure leadership are aligned on the support experience.

Organizational and leadership focus has to be clearly aligned to the experience goals to enable the decisions and changes to be made and clear support to be given. 

The Index provides a common, shared view of your current support experience from which the team can decide together where to spend the Organization's efforts, knowing exactly what will move the needle.


How we measure the Support Experience

We look ACROSS 9 CORE AREAS of the support experience.

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Degree of correctness in information, insights, process and data.

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Clearness in understanding.

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Dependable outcome and perception over a number of interactions. 

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Feeling of connectedness to the role, strategy and environment by employees.

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Attributes that pertain to the personality, characteristics or behaviors of people interacting with the users.

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Time taken in activities or to traverse processes.

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Feeling of continuity in the journey, process and flow throughout the touch points.

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Enablement through technology and infrastructure.

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Ease of interaction with meeting needs of the user.


factors of the support experience

We evaluate over 70 attributes pertaining to 7 factors that enable the support experience.


How the agent is engaged and enabled.


Degree of excellence in focus, performance and execution. 


Currency, breadth and depth of knowledge.


Clarity and timeliness of communications during the interaction, and throughout the process.


Underlying processes and systems that enable the experience to be delivered.


Moments in which the customer is interacting with support.


Rapidness of reaching the desired outcome.