Using success models

We help our clients and partners utilize the power of data models and experience design thinking throughout their organizations.  Take a look at some of the ways in which we have helped them, their products, and their business, by utilizing our data driven approach to achieve results.  Through workshops, trainings, experience reviews, and evaluations, our data models are used to rapidly bring tangible impact and sustainable results.

Experience Reviews and Product Improvement


Creating an MVP and Institutionalizing Experience Design

Increased speed of delivery by 3X using continuous deployment and voice of the customer to prioritize features.…


Improving the Product Experience

Rapid turnaround of an evaluation in less than two weeks, the recommendations from which lead to a measurable increase in product experience of near 20%...

It is amazing to see them at work, how they transform all the complexity into something that the whole organization can stand behind and drive towards, allowing us to understand what decisions will have the best chance of success.
— VP, B2B Sales and Innovation

Tangibly Measuring Mobile Application Experience

Provided a comprehensive measure of experience across over 100 design factors including perception and flow analysis.


Optimizing Resources for Maximum Impact

Provided a rapid experience review that lead to a tangible increase in experience.


Workshops and Delivery Enablement


Implementing Voice of the Customer in Product Strategy

Rapidly enabled the team to effectively garner and use customer input to their product strategy, enabling a product that provided a solution to their needs through data-driven Discovery Sessions.


Creating Your Experience Vision and Leadership Alignment

Trademark Experience Workshop enabled the team to align on the vision, understand their experience ecosystem, leading to business practical initiatves and efforts.


Optimizing User  Multi-Touchpoint Journey's

Increased cross-functional communication and alignment while optimizing the experience for the user.


Defining Digital Strategy Across All Touchpoints

Identified and created a framework that optimized both the physical and digital touch points across the whole customer journey.


Using Data At Events

Created rapid pulse evaluations to be taken via mobile, and live streamed the results for the United State of Women Summit.

…my employee came back like he had seen the light. This is exactly what we need, I am so excited to get immersed in this subject.

— Executive Leadership

Enabling Customer Experience for I.T. Support

Delivered training that enabled accountability, better team cohesion, and the development of the behaviors and mindsets needed for positive user interactions for I.T. walk-in centers.

We can take a complex ecosystem and understand where solutions will have impact, what we need to solve for, and how we can come together to solve where others may have missed.
— VP, Workplace and Mobility



Measuring your Customer Service Experience

Identified exactly how customers measured their experience and what their baseline perception was, enabling smart investments choices in experience initiatives, and consistency across locations.


Evaluating Authentic Leadership with the LQ Model.

Using our LQ model to bring measurable growth, support diversity initiatives, and empower people to lead in life, and at work.

They are experts at identifying the gap between our companies’ perception of satisfaction and the customer’s actual experience and the formulation of the plan to improve that satisfaction.  They have a very effective and scientific way to gather feedback, analyze it, and present recommendations.

I’ve seen them in action at Nike, and the sessions were, by far, the most informative, and directive.”
— Vice President, Client Services

Creating a Culture of Customer Centricity

Evaluation of the success factors for a culture of customer centricity.  Using our simulation capabilities we were able to gain a larger impact for the same resources.


Making Sense of Existing Data

Identified the actions to take to improve culture, taking as input an organizations employee engagement survey, and analyzing it against the model.


Increasing The Dining Experience

Evaluation of the dining experience, providing actionable insights that led to a 10% increase in customer experience within 2 weeks.


Evaluating Money Beliefs 

Creation of a model and evaluation of peoples money beliefs that were empowering or disempowering them.  Used in a workshop of 50+ women in LA to create meaningful conversations around a complex subject.

Other Applications of Our Data Driven Approach


Building an Experience Focused Team and Cross Functional Process

Assessed the team skills and identified gaps to build out a team optimized for cost and skill set.  Implemented their cross functional process with the right elemental metrics in place to drive a 40% increase in Customer Satisfaction.


Creating Data Driven Profiles to Drive a Culture of Experience

Created profiles using our data driven methodology that raised the understanding, consistency, and impact of the organizations roadmap for user experience.


Building Experience Labs (because usability labs do not always cut it)

Providing a 360 view into the experience, Experience Labs enables teams to test their holistic experience across all levels of granularities.  We have experience designing, building, and operating Experience Labs.