Driving PositIve restaurant experiences

Does everything about your experience come together to provide an experience that's worth it to your customers? 

We are here to help you be sure your's does.  All of our packages utilize our restaurant experience success model which looks across 7 key enablers that contribute to your customers feeling positively about their experience which creates customer advocates who return and recommend!

We help restaurant owners rapidly identify what actions to take to improve their customer experience, help them coach their staff on customer experience, and enable them to deliver their brand experience consistently.

Benefits to focusing on your customer experience


61% of adults would rather spend their money on an experience like a restaurant.  In fact, millennials spent 44% of their food budget on restaurants!


59% of customers do not return after a bad customer service experience.  Moreover, repeat customers account for 1/3 of revenue, and loyal customers spend on average 67% more!


40% increase in tip can come from staff engaging the customer and building a rapport.  Better tips attract top talent that supports your bottom line growth!

Why us?


We use our patent pending process to understand every factor that contributes to customers feeling positively or negatively about their experience. Our objective evaluation uses a structured review process based this model.


Our reviewers are carefully vetted and trained to understand exactly what to look for to provide you high quality, actionable reports.  The breadth of insights provides you a holistic view, from which you can decide how to utilize your resources for maximum value.


We have rapid turn around times.  You'll typically see results within 2 days of the review. 

It's also effortless - you don’t have to do anything – we take care of it all.

Who we help

New Restaurants

The restaurant industry is a competitive domain with as many as 60% not lasting past 3 years. At the beginning you need to create customer advocates, the quicker you find and fix issues with your experience the better!  Our options enable you to:

  • Create customer advocates through your soft launch plan.
  • Expedite time to operational and service success.
  • Obtain higher customer service levels from the start.
  • Identify the issues rapidly with actionable insights.
  • Attract better talent through training that elevates their transferrable skills.

Brand Experience Guidance

Through structured workshops we will help you set the vision, understand your audiences, your customer journey.

Optional add on:  consulting services.

Soft Launch Package

Our basic package includes:  staff customer experience training, a staff customer experience playbook, secret shopper study, and customer feedback management.


We conduct a secret shopper evaluation based on the restaurant customers experience enablers allowing you to:

  • Understand your holistic customer experience.
  • Identify exactly what actions need to be taken to increase your customer experience.
  • Maximize your resources. 

Baseline Customer Experience Analysis

Using our restaurant experience model we will analyze your current state using secret shoppers and an analysis of existing available data.

Optional Add Ons:

  • Consultation and workshop to better understand the results and define the roadmap for improvements.
  • Mobile friendly customer feedback surveys based on the expereince model.
  • Staff customer experience training based on the results.


We can provide customer feedback survey capabilities as well as incorporate your POS data into combined views which enables you to:

  • Make sense of your customer experience and operational data.
  • Iterate and improve through monthly action plans.