How can i.t. become a business enabler?

Understand your user experience to enable and engage employees.

Today, IT organizations need to be a partner to the business as well as the individual employees, who are their customers.  They need to be able to optimize their sometimes very heavily constrained environments to maximize the value they bring.  Utilizing practices and techniques from the Experience Design domain can help IT functions think in a consumer-aligned manner, achieve agility whilst maintaining the stability and tactile focus that the IT landscape requires.

After years of expansive experience in the IT and Experience Design industries, we have established 9 factors of IT Employee Experience focusing on what makes an employee productive and feel positively about their environment.

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Quickly see your organization through the eyes of your employees.

We will discover the perception of your user base as it pertains to over 70 attributes that are core to a productive and engaging IT experience.

The results will provide a composite view for trending and tracking, as well as the actionable breakdowns needed to focus your efforts on what will actually move the needle.

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Make smarter, more meaningful investments. 

We know IT can operate in very constrained environments.

Understanding holistically where improvements make a difference, and the proactively determining the efforts needed to get the desired results will enable you to make better choices on where you focus your resources, time and money.

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Develop understanding and organizational capabilities.

IT needs to drive innovation and be a partner to the business more than ever.  They need to start seeing employees as their customer and provide an employee experience in a world where expectations are high.  

We will coach you through how to use best create an employee experience program that leads to iterative improvements, transferring this capability to your organization.

How we evaluate the it experience

We look at 9 core factors that impact the employee experience.


Providing the right applications for user needs and experience.  This spans productivity, business, and workplace.


Enabling easy access to content, people and information across groups and through various interaction styles.


Ensuring secure, easily findable and shareable content. 


Enabling users to work from the right devices for their work styles and work effort needs.


Having easy to find corporate systems and content.


The right quality connection that enables agility, flexibility and productivity.


Making it easy and fast to get productive again when products, services and solutions are needed.


Providing the right mix of options, a caring brand personality, and good quality service when fixing issues.


Having the right mix of proactive interactions and vehicles to design for change and limited disruption.


Across these, our model looks across several areas that enable employees to feel satisfied with the IT experience.

  • Personal and Contextual
  • Caring IT Brand Personality
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Connected
  • Productive
  • Assisted
  • Accessible
  • Mobile and Flexible
  • Secure and Safe


We have options including:  top line analysis, expert review and custom.  Contact us today to see which option best matches your current goals.