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Observation and User Testing to identify YOUR opportunities, experience gaps, and needs.

To enable product managers, designers and leadership to understand the experience they are offering their customers and users, we provide an Experience Lab service, so that organizations everywhere can access the power of the Experience Lab when they need it. 

To do this, we create the experience whether that be a living room, a conference room or a plane (yes, we have been known to obtain a plane cabin), and then test with the target audience.  We use our process to identify what is affecting the experience, then craft a test plan that both quantifies the experience, as well as provides qualitative insights along the user journeys.

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Quickly find out your experience score as well as the user's perception.

We will identify the success factors for your experience so that testing will yield an experience score as well as garner the deeper insights needed for tangible improvements.

Through the test design, we optimize the number of sessions and participants to get valid, actionable and quantifiable data in the quickest time frame possible.  Test reports are usually provided within 1-3 business days after testing is completed.

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Skilled research panel for a 360o view of your experience.

Tests include looking at usability, perception, expectations and emotions. We will provide the right mix of researchers from various disciplines across the spectrum of the lifecycle - human behavior, operations, experience design etc.  This way recommendations are given with forward thought to operations, supportability, and scalability. 

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Don't worry about a thing, we will provide everything you need.

Observing and understanding the whole experience from end-to-end, including perception and emotion is more than eye-tracking and more than clicks.  You need to understand how the person, environment, tools and devices all interact.   

We can set up the lab in an environment you have, in-house, or in the field.  We will bring all the cameras (remote enabled as needed), tools and devices.


The process

We will work with you throughout the whole process.

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Defining the test purpose:

  • A solution you are testing that is in prototype, in-production, or concept phases.
  • An observation to identify the gaps in experiences for innovation opportunities.

Defining the success factors for the experience.

Creating the scenarios and test plan.

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Defining the test groups:

  • Using your own can be a quick and cost-effective way to garner insights.  Employees not part of the design process or product team can make good participants.
  • We can tap into our participant network to provide participants.  

Number of participants: The number of participants depends on the variables of the target audiences, but we recommend at least 6 covering the span of variables

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Creating the space:

We can come onsite and use an existing space, or build out a space temporarily, we can conduct it in-house, or we can conduct it virtually.  It will depend on the experience you are testing.

Conducting the sessions:

After building out the necessary space we will conduct the sessions, analyze the results and report back to you within a couple of days!



Lets Talk.

From our industry careers, we have expansive knowledge in building various labs from simple test rooms, to observation rooms and experience studios.  We use our multi-dimensional team to help you design and build the right Experience Lab for you.