Strategy Sessions

We have two signature sessions, and create custom sessions - all using our data-model driven approach.

  • Experience strategy sessions that provide leadership and teams the mindset and tools to build upon
  • Innovation convergence sessions that rapidly identifies the intersections where value is found for innovation
We can take a complex ecosystem and understand where solutions will have impact, what we need to solve for, and how we can come together to solve where others may have missed
— VP - Workplace and Mobility

Experience Strategy Sessions

Our 1-2 day Experience Strategy sessions are created using our Experience Design, data-driven approach.  Sessions take participants on a thought journey, transforming how they see the world by focusing on the measurements that matter.

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Enable leadership alignment and understanding.

The session will enable your cross functional leads and teams to align on an experience vision, understand their customers, and map out the experience ecosystem.  This empowers each of them to achieve their individual roles in providing a differentiating, meaningful and holistic customer experience.

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Tailored sessions for your specific goals and needs.

We will work with you to understand your goals for the session and then design the session specifically to meet your needs.  We will enable your team to think differently, explore and align on your experience vision,  as well as provide the necessary tools to continue building upon the sessions efforts.

Topics that can be covered include - Experience Vision setting, Experience DNA, Measuring Experience, Value Propositions, Profiles (Buyers, Users and Delivery), Experience Journey's and Experience Ecosystems. 

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Get going in the right direction, and continue the momentum.

We use our approach of understanding what success means to your experience, combined with activity-based methods to ensure that the skills, mindsets, and tools, are built throughout the session.  This will enable the team to get a good start on their experience endeavors and your post-session report back will enable you to easily continue the momentum.

Convergence Sessions

Companies want to move faster, however, reactive modes means they often do not know if the ideas they action will bring them the returns they want.  Convergence sessions enable you to solve across many problems and identify true value across the ecosystem.

Our convergence sessions can run anywhere from 1 day to 5 days depending on the goal.  You will walk out with validated plan, a roadmap to execute, and be ready for a successful implementation.  During the session ideas for quick wins and longer term strategic innovations will materialize.

Discover the Unknown Unknowns

  • See the whole ecosystem as you ideate.
  • Understand points of intersection that drive new and tangible impact.
  • Identify relationships across the ecosystem that enable you to solve across many points.
  • Understand the value of digital across the ecosystem.

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Provide a Shared, Common Alignment Across Teams 

  • Bring together cross functional teams, partners, and industries with an aligned view of the ecosystem
  • Collaborative exploration with accelerated insight.
  • Whittle down several ideas into a validated roadmap.

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Set the Foundation, and, Continue the Momentum

  • Discover what a successful experience is to all audiences.
  • Real time ideation and comparison to ensure maximum impact.
  • Compare impact to the goal, with feasibility, effort and costs to make the best decisions.
  • Real time prototyping options.