How can you optimize the meeting experience?

For the users, the business, and operations.

The conferencing experience, or meeting mayhem as it is known, has long been the bane of many an organization's, facilities, and employees daily life.  From the classic 12 minute start up time for everyone to get connected, to the poorly designed rooms, to the outdated or multiple disconnected technologies, it is an issue that is costing businesses millions, and users hours of wasted productivity.

After years in Global IT, and researching what makes an effective collaboration experience using our approach, we have identified the 7 factors and over 45 attributes that look at the effectiveness, sentiment, and quality of the total experience, as well as the maturity model to reach an optimal state.  It covers all aspects such as technology, communications, tools, furnishing, and, ergonomics.  We understand what enables a space to be effective and allow people to do what they need to do, rather than worry about making a space work for them.

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Rapidly understand the workspace through the eyes of business, users, and operational teams.

Our evaluation covers critical aspects of the business such as productivity and innovation enablement, for the users such as ease, engagement and effectiveness, and, for facilities and operations such as space utilization and footprint effectiveness.

Having this cohesive and combined view, this enables you to optimize across all the audiences in the best way possible, while enabling the various cross-functional teams to understand their areas.  The best part is, evaluations can take as little as 2 days!

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Make smarter, investment choices that move the needle. 

We know IT can operate in very constrained environments.

Understanding holistically where improvements make a difference, and then proactively determining the efforts needed to get the desired results will enable you to make better choices on where you focus your resources, time and money.  

See an example.

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Baseline your ecosystem against others and the optimal state.

Because we understand the maturity level of the attributes, and what optimal is, and because we have worked for several years on workplace experience globally, we can not only baseline your against other organizations but more importantly we can show you where you are compared to the optimal environment.  From this, you can understand the impact before you make decisions.

How we evaluate the meeting experience

We look 7 core areas that enable effective, productive and engaging experiences.


Seamlessness of interaction quality.


Enablement of efficient meetings and collaboration. 


Purposeful design to match user perception.


Intuitiveness, usability, understandability, and, simplicity of use.


Optimization of process, flows, and actions for time.


Connectedness of journey and maintenance of fluidity.


Promotion of positive emotions and enablement of creativity.

Discover Exactly Where to Improve Across the User Journey, and Where Productivity can be Increased.

Examples from a previous evaluation, detailed analysis, and confidential client data removed.