our story...

Having worked in start-ups and large corporations, we’ve had a lot of experiences around the world, and we noticed a trend.  Organizations spent a lot of money and time measuring things, just to find themselves having to spend more time and more money to understand the cause behind the trends.  And, after all that time and money spent, they would leap into a reactive band-aid mode that seldom led to the desired return or results.

We knew there had to be a better way.  

So we set out to create a novel way of measuring progress towards a goal, that would address all audiences:

  • Leadership:  Ability to see trends, data views, and make better decisions.
  • Delivery Teams:  Ability to execute faster, without so much investigation time to make sense of the numbers.
  • Participants: Something different where they could reflect.  Where we could optimize the speed to take it, with the richness of the insight in a way that makes them think.

Our goal was to optimize the level of actionable insights to get people to their goal.

We thought about the big, complex, transformative goals of life; such as losing weight. Essentially, success requires the correct resources to be accessible to your environment, (such as healthy foods), you need the right mind-set (like the will power and resilience to stick to healthy choices), and you need to be able to implement healthy behaviors while taking away the bad ones (for example, taking a walk to the store instead of ordering a burger for delivery). All of these - environment, mindset, and behaviors, come together to enable people to create a personal plan that they know will work for them as they set out to achieve their weight loss goals.

Then we looked at business goals, like employee engagement.  What happened here?  Well, they seemed to be stuck in a cycle of: measure and get some aggregate results based on peoples thoughts or perceptions > spend more time understanding the root cause >  guess some actions that may fix the problem > repeat.  It was a painful process, for which even though intentions were good, tended to lead to a repetitive cycle of limited improvement and actions that did not lead to sustained positive impact.

So we thought, what if business goals such as customer experience, culture, or employee engagement could work the same way?

Well now they can! We had to solve across multiple problems so we applied techniques and principles across several domains including, pattern recognition, usability testing, experience design, user research, data science, machine learning, neural decoding, conjunctive analysis, and algorithm engineering.

We spent years creating and proving our method.  Our process provides insights into all the components that contribute to the success of a goal.  In this way, the measures are directly actionable.

Once we knew the process worked for any input goal, EffectUX was born.  We are proud to pioneer a patent pending, new way to measure.  One that enables us to understand the complex relationships that occur in an organization’s, or person’s, environment as it compares to the desired outcome. 

We have since created numerous models across employee experience, customer experience, wellbeing, and performance, all of which we have used to aid people on a wide variety of transformation journeys.

Organizations …scores on...surveys remain abysmally low. Because most initiatives amount to an adrenaline shot. A perk is introduced to boost scores, but over time the effect wears off and scores go back down.
— Harvard Business Review

Sometimes it can be one or two things that are throwing off the whole thing. The model isolates exactly what the barriers are, which enables you to focus on something actionable.
— Executive - EY

We are currently growing through a range of partnerships and global business development.  If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to partner, or in joining us please contact us here.

we are

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We are driven every day to enable people to use innovative thought processes to solve varied business problems, as well as empower them to design great experiences for their customers, users and employees.

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We love to investigate, are naturally curious and love to experiment with experiences and technology.  Our processes and approach have been designed based on years of experience and have been proven in the field.

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We have had long and successful corporate and consumer careers, giving us real enterprise grade knowledge on what is most effective when you balance the customer, the business and the user needs.

Workplace experience, mobility, social, collaboration, analytics, IoT, employee experience, customer support, and customer experience are just some of the areas we have worked in, from tech companies to the entertainment industry, start-ups to Enterprise

We have traveled the globe studying humans at work and in life, enabling us to bring cultural understanding to all of our models and services.

our guiding compass


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We are committed to taking on only the projects where we truly believe we can help you to achieve your goals.  If we are not the right fit, we will tell you.  We cost by the project and then put in any efforts needed to fully meet the objectives, this way you do not have to worry about cost "creep" from hourly charges.

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We will equip you with the tools, techniques, and knowledge you’ll need.  We believe firmly in the premise that to change the world, you must empower the people, so capability transfer is a key component of working with us.

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We are dedicated to working with you to ensure all plans are practical and that you are enabled to execute by balancing the solution with your business needs and requirements.  

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We promise to take you on a thought journey which will leave you with a new way of thinking that you can apply to the full range of your business and product needs. 

Meet the founders

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Sarah Deane

Data, Experience Design, and Algorithms

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James Mulkerin

Customer Experience & Care, Operations and Analytics


  • Experience Design Strategy
  • Measuring Experience
  • Emotions and Empathy in Design
  • Flow Optimization
  • Workplace Experience
  • Connecting the Experience Ecosystem


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Traveling
  • Salsa dancing
  • Mentoring young adults

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Sarah's Story...

Sarah Deane is a passionate advocate for Data Driven methodologies and Experience Design.  From a young age Sarah was fascinated by the brain and technology, an interest that stemmed from typing up her fathers papers in the domain of neurophysiology.  She went on to hold a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.  After a period of utilizing her skills to create various algorithms - including background subtraction and early detection of alzheimer's, she realized...she couldn’t escape that fascination of the human component.

This led her to the start of her Experience Design career.  During this time she held positions that span the UX domain from strategy to design, testing and delivery. She worked on a variety of experiences such as software and applications, hardware, services and workplace design.  In roles such as Senior Director of UX, she has been responsible for all aspects of the customer user experience and has built Experience Design Teams at a local and global level.  As part of her role leading Experience Design at HP, Sarah created and built the Experience Lab at HP’s headquarters that was used for testing, designing workplace aspects as well as for customer presentations.  She travelled the globe studying workplace experience and spent time as an End User Delivery Manager within the Enterprise Services organization, working with clients to drive management of change and adoption in the delivery of enterprise solutions, giving her a full end-to-end perspective on experience.

And now... Sarah spends her time using technology and data to help people, teams, and organizations meet their goals through EffectUX’s data models.  And, she always jumps at the opportunity to use her expertise to help underrepresented people, suppressed voices, and underestimated women achieve their full authentic selves and goals.

Sarah has spoken on panels for women in business including the Invent Your Future Conference, the America’s Women Leadership Conference, and Executive Presence at Stanford University.  She also speaks on the topics of Experience, data, and A.I, having spoke at SXSW Interactive on “The Productive Workplace: UX, Technology and You” and recently, “Culture, A.I, and the non-desk workforce”.

She published her first book, 4HourUX in 2014, as a UX primer providing rapid insight into understanding, developing and applying UX strategically.  She writes often on the Huffington Post, Business Value Exchange, Thrive Global, and other platforms.


  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Care and Success
  • End User Support and Deployments
  • Operations and Analytics Architecture
  • Measuring Experience
  • Technology Innovations


  • English
  • Little bit of Korean


  • Tinkering with the latest technology
  • Spending time with his family
  • Fixing up old cars

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James's Story...

James Mulkerin has over a decade of experience in IT, support, and innovation.  From a young age, driven by a vast curiosity, he enjoyed technology, tinkering and fixing things, a habit that started from fixing up classic cars with his father.  


This led him to a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems from San Jose State University, as well as certifications in A+, MCP, MCSE, MCDA, and CCNA.

After this, he went on to hold many positions spanning the Customer care, support, and success domains.  As Customer Support Manager he was responsible for creating and establishing an experience driven support process, which supported Fortune 500 companies.  He moved forward into IT innovations and has been responsible for innovation in delivery and support services including: architecting and implementing a Soft Token Remote Access distribution, creating an IT peripheral vending machine that was deployed for sites worldwide, and successfully leading a range of global Enterprise IT End User deployments.  This included the development of best in class walk-in IT centers, that balanced business, technology, and user needs for a viable industry solution.  

He has traveled the globe understanding users and how they work with their IT tools, incorporating this extensive knowledge into his innovations.  His vast experience in IT have led to many skills, including Programming, Automation Scripting, Data Visualization Tools, IT Optimization, Networking, Security, Project Planning and Database administration.

And now...James spends his time at EffectUX, using his vast and global knowledge of human interactions and IT services to operationalize the models created in secure, highly efficient services, that enable people to evaluate their current state and follow clear action plans for measurable results...really, really quickly!