Increasing The Dining Experience


A local restaurateur was opening a new restaurant.  They needed to make sure that they thought through the customer experience, their brand, and ensure their customer service was great.  



We utilized our restaurant experience success model to support the creation of a positive brand experience.  We saw a 10% increase in Customer Experience within 2 weeks using our secret shopper and training components.

Customer Experience Workshops with Stakeholders

Using our researched restaurant experience success model as a basis, we conducted our signature experience strategy workshop with investors and the business owner working through:

  • The vision

  • The brand feel

  • Target audiences

  • Customer journey mapping

This formed the base of their experience feel and brand, enabling the decisions made to be centered on their brand experience.


  • Their customer experience vision:  Comfort food you can feel good about.

  • Brand documentation.

  • Workshop reports to use.

  • A Customer Experience playbook for staff.

Soft Launch Experience Package

We used our secret shopper evaluation, which is based on our success model, to identify early issues and iterate to improve.  

The package includes:

  • Soft launch menu design and print.

  • Secret shopper before and after studies.

  • Leadership debriefing.

  • Customer Experience training materials and quiz for the staff based on results and brand experience.


  • Menu templates.

  • Secret shopper analysis reports.

  • Customer Experience training materials.



A cosy, welcoming entrance for a fresh twist on comfort.


Soft Launch

Menus and coasters to fit the brand feel.


Server Customer Experience Playbook based on the desired customer experience.


Customer Experience Journey Mapping to enable a consistent experience to be understood, and to deliver a positive experience at each moment.


Customer Experience Staff Quiz based on brand experience, training, and customer experience practices.  Included feedback on quiz responses to maximize learning.


Secret Shopper Experience Evaluations using our comprehensive success model to gather actionable insights, leading to an increase in customer experience.

I couldn’t have done this without you. You have made me think about so many things that I didn’t even think about before. The actions are so clear and I love the involvement of the staff. It was so worth it.

— Restaurateur, Bay Area, CA

Positive Reviews:  Having the experience vision center the holistic design enabled the experience to be delivered, and noticed by patrons.

Sarah Deane