Improving the Product Experience


The Product Manager of a Fortune 50 Company was releasing a new version of their network management console.  The team did not feel it would compete well with other offerings in the marketplace. 

They had multiple developers involved, including offshore teams, all of whom needed to align to clear experience efforts.

They realized that the overall experience needed improvement and did not know where to focus their resources and time for maximum impact. However, there was a lack of UX design thinking in the underlying UX as well as the UI implementation.



There needed to be an objective view of the experience, so we:

  • Informed the client on core UX design principals so that they could use them beyond just this revision of product.

  • Defined the success factors for their experience and conducted a product experience review with recommendations within 2 weeks to gather a baseline.

  • Created example UI concepts for improvements, on an effort scale for quick fixes, vs. higher effort needed vs. innovation.

The report you provided was great. The developers really liked it and understood it. We now have a product that can compete with the rest of them, and frankly we feel is better. We would not have been able to d this without you… it was money well spent.

- Senior Product Manager, Fortune 50


  • A measurable increase in experience for the service.

  • Better team understanding of UX and how to approach design.

  • Team confidence that they could compete in the marketplace, and that the product was even better than their competitors.

Client Example Before and After Experience Measurements

Client Example Before and After Experience Measurements

Sarah Deane