Using Data At Events


We can convert any of our success models to a rapid pulse survey for use at events.  Recently we supported the United State of Women Summit (USoW) in LA, in partnership with equallet and Amazon.


USoW attracts around 5000 attendees, focused on the economic growth of women across all aspects.

Our goal was to explore the gaps that exist today as it pertained to confidence, wellbeing, and relationship to money. 

USoW2 (1).jpeg

The Center at USoW:  Produced by equallet.

A buzzing hive of women owned businesses, connection, and empowerment.  


We created pulse surveys (each taking 1-2 minutes) based on our success models from areas:

  • Leadership:  exploring executive presence and authentic leadership, as it pertains to being your best, confident, self.

  • Personal Energy:  exploring wellbeing, resiliency, and stress management, as it pertains to being your most productive and fulfilled self.

  • Money Beliefs:  exploring emotions and the relationship to money, as it pertains to money's role in achieving your version of success.

Before the event, we created:

  • Mobile enabled surveys.

  • Materials including QR cards so that attendees could take them on the go.

  • Materials and signage.

  • A live dashboard to display the live analytics.

During the event period, we set up, managed, and took down the system.  We gathered 100s of pulse responses and live streamed the findings at the event.

After the event we:

  • Analyzed the data for our sponsors.

  • Created infographics and decks as per sponsor needs.



Attendees could take the surveys at the location via tablets, or via their mobile phone.  The live, real-time results, were streamed to displays, encouraging meaningful discussions and active awareness.

The displays can engage the audience and lead to increased social traffic as attendees shared out the insights.


It’s awesome to see I am not alone, that what I find challenging, others clearly do too! I am looking forward to the benchmarking results after the event!

— Event attendee



The respondents received an email of their results, as well as tips to help them understand how to develop.  This provided immediate feedback and value to the attendees, as well as valuable insights for the sponsor.

Afterwards, the data was analyzed and various materials were created for the sponsors to support their business needs.

This is great! I got the results and was like “yes this is me!!!” It actually picked up what I was trying to work on, so the tip was perfect!

— Event attendee


USoW includes empowering and inspiring programming, including interviews and panels.

Sarah Deane