Measuring Experience

There are so many measures out there, I need to start measuring my customer experience so that I can make better decisions.  Any thoughts on measures?

VP CX, Travel, Asia

This is a topic we can talk about for a while :)

There are a variety of techniques used today.  Systematic methods, user generated insights and analysis, as well as working with your users to better understand their perception. 

Measures like C-Sat scores have been used for years, and NPS has also been used widely and are great at showing an easy to digest trend.  Many companies also submit various surveys after interactions to learn about their customers’ experience.  

At effectUX, we have designed a data driven methodology that combines system data, with human perception to identify how experience is measured across different industries, and we work with our clients to best figure out how to then capture the right data at the right points, at scale.  At the end of the day, how you measure will all depends on the granularity and purpose of your measure.  It is most likely you will want have a combination of general trends, and deeper insights for the different parts of the Customer Journey.

Start by firstly understanding the purpose of your measure, then what is important to measure, and then assessing the data you have and where your gaps are.     

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