Leadership mistaking UI for UX

My leadership keeps mistaking UI for UX, any advice on what I can do to help educate them?

UX Designer, Tech, USA

We hear of this problem often (sadly).  The best way we have found is taking a product or service they have, through a UX thought process and showing them a visualization of the better design, or actually mocking it up and getting direct customer feedback – to show the difference in output.  UX is end to end, from strategy all the way through to delivery/launch and beyond.  We often take our clients and leadership teams through our Experience workshop with submerses them in the process of thought, showing them the connection as it pertains to the UI.  We have found this type of external experience can be critical to getting them to think differently.

Starting with even capturing user or customer feedback on the product and showing them data is a good way to start the conversation, as the fix may well be flow related, or deployment related - as opposed to all UI issues.

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