designing the Workplace Experience

The workplace is changing. Expectations have changed. The role of real estate teams, IT teams, and HR teams have all changed.

Now, they have to work cross-functionally to deliver engaging, productive and enabled workspaces that employees want to use and can be productive in.

Today’s employees:

  • Are mobile:   An employee may move from one space to another, carrying all they need in their single bag. 
  • Can work from anywhere: Employees can collaborate and communicate virtually anywhere.
  • Have multiple devices/apps: Employees are now enabled to connect with their own devices or apps to accomplish their task.
  • Expect a consumer experience in the workplace:  Just like they do not wait for delivery of online orders, they want to be enabled and engaged at work.

Just like you choose which product to buy, employees today choose where and how they want to work. If the space doesn't do it for them or it doesn't meet their needs, then they simply will not use it unless they are forced to. Even if a company mandates the use of office space, if the workspace is not conducive to work and engagement, the company will pay the price via employee dissatisfaction, which has a negative domino effect on productivity and key talent retention. The experience of the workplace environment is a key factor in productivity and satisfaction, as evidenced by the fact that companies with engaged employees outperform up to 202 percent better.

We have years of experience globally understanding and designing workplace experience.  Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Experience Design Workshop:  A signature workshop that enables key stakeholders and decision makers to understand their employees and how to apply this understanding to the design of engaging and meaningful workplace experiences.
  • Measure your workplace experience: Working with your employees and stakeholders to measure their workplace experience using our proprietary methodology, leaving you with a comprehensive and tangible measure, identifying the opportunities that will provide the most impact.
  • Review of workplace experience:  We can review your current workplace experience for areas of improvement.   This can also be conducted on a focused workplace experience such as a "work cafe" or "conference rooms".  We will holistically review the experience for the whole user flow, and interaction points.

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