Travel has always been a highly competitive environment.  With the entry of budget range services and the ease of internet access for customers to book any provider, creating a differentiated brand and experience while offering value is a hard challenge.

Some of the challenges the travel industry faces include:

  • How to effectively gauge the customer journey:  With mobile browsing, search, 3rd party bookings and marketing effectiveness, the complex web of channels can be difficult to understand in a useful way.
  • Increase in Apps: it is common place for an airline or a hotel to have an app, but how these differentiate or play a key role in the experience is what is key.   
  • How to engage customers:  Engagement can and should happen before, during and after.  Identifying points of engagement can enable you to transform a customer into one that is brand loyal.
  • Shifts in Customer power:  Today, Customers can share their experience at any point in their journey with you.  The marketing mix has changed and they can form an opinion without interacting with you directly.  They can advocate your brand after they hear a story from a trusted friend or family member, and they can share their thoughts in reviews that reach the entire digital world.  This has led to brand value being something that is created by the consumer and therefore it is imperative to understand how to action and materialize your brand in a way that the customer will perceive it as intended.
 Workshop Mapping Example - optimizing physical and digital touch points.

Workshop Mapping Example - optimizing physical and digital touch points.


Using the power of experience design thinking, we can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Voice of the Customer:  Knowing the needs of the various types of customers be that the leisure traveler, the business traveler, or those traveling as individuals, couples or families is imperative to designing and delivering the experience well.
  • Measuring your Customer Experience: We can measure your customer experience using our proprietary methodologies and develop a report with insight driven recommendations.
  • Customer Journey and Experience Ecosystem Mapping: Understanding the path the customer takes to brand loyalty, and how all the points of interactions, including the role off any Apps, can be designed into a consistent, cohesive and compelling experience.
  • Enabling leadership and management teams to be truly customer centric: Our signature workshop session in which we enable leadership and decision makers to think differently and walk away with a core understanding of their experience vision, customers, value propositions and experience ecosystem.
  • Product Review:  Whether it is your App or another digital channel, we can conduct expert experience or design reviews and report back the recommendations that will tangibly improve the experience.

Our experts will enable you and your teams to think differently, bringing the capability to effectively design and deliver customer experiences that differentiate your brand and five you that much needed competitive advantage.