developing collectively strong teams

How can you develop individuals professionally, and personally, to create organizations that are competitively stronger?

Teams that have a higher collective confidence, display the ability to lean into the challenges faced today such as enabling innovation and disruption.  They can not only be more creative but also have the ability to execute on the strategy.  Quick individual evaluations of over 70 attributes feed into a Team composite analyzing competitive strength measurements of 6 core indicators of team strength - Trust, Connectedness, External Perception, Efficiency, Creativity, and Awareness.

What you get

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An easy to digest team overview to see the spread of skills and individual strengths

Your results for the team overall across the 6 Team Strengths, the factors of confidence, the characteristics and the behaviors.

Individual team member dashboards so that you can help each person develop uniquely and meaningfully.

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a comprehensive analysis for deeper understanding

Deeper exploration of your team's signs of strength and opportunities in each of the 6 strengths as it pertains to the attributes of strong teams.

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Exercises to help you develop your team further

Thought exercises tailored to help you think about ways you could enable the team to develop.

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Personal comprehensive report for each individual

Each team member will receive their own individual report which will show them their comprehensive analysis and tailored thought exercises for development, based on their unique responses across over 70 attributes.