The customer support experience is key in companies overall experience strategy.  Having a great experience with support can turn any frustrated customer into one of the strongest advocates.  

Today’s consumers:

  • Interact through multiple channels:   There are multiple points of entry for a customer to get support.  There are complexities in designing the right support ecosystems, for the customers' needs and enabling them to function cohesively together.
  • Have easy access to information: The ability to find information about the issue I’m facing quickly and understand how to apply it easily through online videos or other consumer generated content.
  • Expect an Omni channel experiences:  Customers can switch from one channel of support to another without repeating the entire support triage process.
  • Have higher expectations for agent skills: Language and customer skills are priorities for when dealing with a customer that is facing an issue and only wants to remedy it quickly.  Agents today no longer are responsible for just fixing the problem, but support centers are fast becoming engagement centers, that are at the very heart of the overall customer experience.

Support plays a huge role in the experience that the customer has with the company and product they are looking to buy or are currently using.  While having a great experience with support can turn any frustrated customer into one of the strongest advocates, there are many complexities when designing the right support experience, such as what channels do I need, who are my target users, how will they need help.

While it seems like a daunting feat and something not easily able to met, experience design thinking can play a huge role in optimizing the flow and the overall support ecosystem that you offer your customers.

Some of the ways in which we can help you include:

  • Understanding and designing your customer care experience:  Understanding how all the interactions in the support journey play a role and how to optimize this for your customers.
  • Customer service training in Customer Experience:  Enabling your frontline employees to learn about the impact of customer experience holistically, and their role in delivering your CX strategy.  As the face of your brand, it is imperative they understand Customer Experience principles.
  • Review of your Customer Support Experience:  we will analyze your customer experience using our CX experts and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Customer Journey and Experience Mapping:  Working with your key stakeholders to understand your customer journey and areas for improvement, innovation and optimization to enable digital and physical touch points across your Customer Support ecosystem.
  • Measuring your customer experience:  Working with your customers and teams to measure their perceptions – which after all, is the heart of experience.

Request a consultation today to see how we can help you create support experiences that engage customers for retention, loyalty and advocacy.