jump starting a successful transition from school to work


By developing specific characteristics and behaviors that are common in successful leaders today, you can get a head start on the skills needed to navigate the working world.  By working on such development early on in your journey, you can add to your tool kit the core skills that typically take years of experience to develop, enabling you to be better equipped to achieve success quicker. The evaluations are quick, taking only 15 minutes on average, and are designed to really make you reflect in a meaningful way.  The evaluation covers over 70 attributes found in successful, authentically confident, business professionals today.

What You Get

an easy to digest confidence overview

An overview of top strengths and areas of opportunity, the level for each of the 13 factors of confidence, as well as the personal and behavioral breakdowns.


comprehensive analysis for deeper understanding 

A detailed, comprehensive analysis of each sign of strength and potential opportunity across all 13 factors, as it pertains to developing confidence. 

THOUGHT exercises for growth and development

A series of thought exercises that are tailored to the areas of opportunity that will help develop the mindset and behaviors needed to be developed.

Sample Report

Proven Results!

The 15 minutes was well worth it.  It highlighted things I’d never even thought of.  It was not an evaluation that told me who I was, but something that enabled me to identify how to use my strengths to overcome barriers that will enable me to progress faster, and better as I navigate both searching for a job, and when I get into the world of work.
— 3rd Year Student, Washington State
We learn a lot at school, but there are some things that normally require years of life experience, such as using context to respond.  The awareness that the Confidence Index bought me, and the exercises, enabled me to be cognoscente of mind-sets and behaviors, as well as work on them before I went to my interviews.  I matched my first choice!
— NYIT, Final Year Med Student