making the jump from student to professional

Equipping your students with the tools to acclimate to the world of work.

Preparing students to excel in the professional world goes beyond just providing them with a great education, it means granting them the tools they need to live confidently. Our Confidence Index has been crafted through months of research and numerous collaborations with respected experts in the field. With a special focus on the Student Experience, our Index comprehensively analyzes the over 70 success factors that play a role in a student’s overall confidence, communication skills, and other leadership traits. Each personalized, over 50-page report that our Index offers, will break down the students’ areas of strengths and opportunities. From there they are guided through multiple cutting edge exercises developed by experts to train the mind for a more confident and bold mentality.

Your Development Program only takes the best of the best and sets them down a path of leadership. Our Index has aided other corporate training programs and events with a focus on developing leaders out of their diverse workforce, and, through partnership we can:

  • Align our student version to your program in a similar manner.
  • Customize the process and output of our index to fit in perfectly with your program.

While students can possess a vast amount of education and knowledge, there are many other skills that employers are looking for in their next generation of leaders; that’s why we want you to take advantage of our Index in providing your students that extra edge in life.  Together, we can close the gap between their world of education, and the professional world they are entering so that they are better enabled to transition.  Simply follow the link below and enter your code to see how the Index could support your programs.

Retain and Develop your Diverse Talent, Enabling them to:


Feel and be heard

The Index enables the awareness and development of over 70 attributes that empower individuals to represent themselves in the best way.

It can be scary to step into a new role for the first time, and that fear can sometimes hold us back. Through the explanation and tailored thought exercises, our evaluation and report will grant your developing students the power to speak up, communicate, and be their best version of themselves both, professionally and personally. This way they can always feel empowered to lead, no matter what rotational role they find themselves in.


Discover their value AND create a truly professional external perception

The Index helps your students understand their impact and how they can further contribute to any organization.

Our Index isn’t just about instilling confidence, it’s about presenting oneself with confidence. We can directly correlate their personal strengths to professional-world skills across 13 core factors of authentic self-confidence, as well as help them identify where they can improve and empower themselves. This allows them to create a professional presence no matter what setting they find themselves in, giving them the opportunity to present the best version of themselves.



The Index enables individuals to identify and isolate their barriers to access their full potential faster.

Overall, just like your program, our Index is focused on the development and growth of the individual. The evaluation and report targets and highlights the individuals’ barriers so they can learn how to better push past them and grow to one’s full potential. Our Index can complement your existing Program to enhance the results, and tailor the student experience.

13 factors of confidence

The 15 minute evaluation, enables people to reflect on how certain behaviors and thoughts are creating disempowering internal barriers or empowering openings for growth. 

Results reveal your empowerment levels based on a scale of over 70 attributes, across 13 factors, portrayed by authentically confident people.  

  • Risk Taking
  • Responsibility
  • Communications
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Self Awareness
  • Trust Development
  • Productivity
  • Self Assured
  • Drive
  • Positivity
  • Conviction
  • Knowledge
  • Physical Presence

Proven Results!

“ We learn a lot at school, but there are some things that normally require years of life experience, such as using context to respond.  The awareness that the Confidence Index bought me, and the exercises, enabled me to be cognoscente of mind-sets and behaviors, as well as work on them before I went to my interviews.  I matched my first choice!"


NYIT, Final Year Med Student

“ The 15 minutes was well worth it.  It highlighted things I’d never even thought of.  It was not an evaluation that told me who I was, but something that enabled me to identify how to use my strengths to overcome barriers that will enable me to progress faster, and better as I navigate both searching for a job, and when I get into the world of work.

Kevin, 3rd Year Student, Washington State

Support your student development programs

Access to composite data can be gathered to support school programs and development, that is tailored to the student needs.

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"The ease of working with the EffectUX team, speed of delivery, and quality of performance exceeds most business partnerships. Our business would not be where it is today without our partnership with EffectUX."

Saren Steigel,

CEO The Glow Effect

Example student Confidence Report