Teams & Organizations


Teams & Organizations

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What you will receive:

  • The team or organization manager will receive the Team Index Report across the whole participant set.  This will include:
    • The team dashboard overview.
    • Each individuals dashboard of the 13 factors and overview of the top strengths and opportunities. 
    • A deeper dive into the team analysis. 
    • Development ideas and exercises that align to the team's areas of opportunity.
  • Each individual will receive their in-depth personal report, complete with:
    • Their dashboard overview covering the factors, personal and behavior breakdowns.
    • A deeper dive into their analysis and tailored exercises to support their development opportunities.
    • Exercises to support their individual development that align directly to their areas of opportunity. 
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3 Easy Steps


After purchasing, one of our experts will contact you within 1 business day to proceed and they will take you through the process to gather the necessary details.

Once the dates and participants are understood, they will email you a link to your survey and a code that will remain open for 5 business days from the day it is emailed to you.  The code will work for the number of participants that you have purchased it for.


All you need to do is email the participants the link, the code and the expiration date.

We recommend that participants choose a moment when they can concentrate to take the evaluation.  It takes on average less than 15 minutes to complete.  


Once submitted each individual's results will be analyzed and they will receive their comprehensive, personal report directly to the email they provided.  The manager will receive the team report.  Reports are usually sent within 2-3 business days.