The Problem

The client had a newly formed team that was focused on customer engagement and experience.  They were to represent the customer in all aspects of the Solution.  They needed skills in voice of the customer, how to understand true needs not wants, and general up stream UX skills.

The client had very tight timelines due to upcoming customer meetings.

Root Cause

The team had a range of backgrounds, and varied previous UX or CX experience ranging from some to none.  The client had to use current team members for different roles to create the team, with only a few hired positions.  Product scale and expansion was needed after the initial product development, using this team to represent the customer, and to help drive the product roadmap, design and development.

the solution

Rapid capability transfer via a 1 day, in-person boot camp for 10 people. 
Focused on providing a grounding in UX, CX, and design process as it fits in the broader picture of product strategy, customer discovery, and VOC skills.

The bootcamp was custom created using our specialized training framework where participants learn the concepts and theory, then put it into practice using various activities and real time feedback mechanisms to ensure they leave enabled to perform the necessary skills.

Produced client templates for discovery and design document deliverables.


  • The Team was prepared for the upcoming customer engagement.
  • There was better chemistry between the team and the other functions.
  • They gained hands-on experience prior to the customer visit – enabling customer confidence in the team, and a higher level of professionalism.