We appreciate your support of women and of Women's History Month!

In support of International Women's Day we gave away 100 free Confidence Evaluations!  If you missed the give-away, don't worry, you can still redeem any discount codes that you received or use the #IWD code for 50% throughout March!

In this evaluation, you'll reflect on how certain behaviors and thoughts may be creating disempowering internal barriers or empowering openings for growth.  

Results reveal your empowerment levels based on a scale of over 70 attributes that are portrayed by authentically confident people. 

The evaluations are quick, taking only 15 minutes on average, so why wait?  Join the 100's of others who are developing their confidence today!

If you are a student, we have a student version please email us at ask@effectux.com to redeem.

At checkout, use the code you received to apply your discount!

What you get

an easy to digest confidence overview

An overview of your top strengths, your level for each of the 13 factors of confidence, as well as your personal and behavioral breakdowns.


comprehensive analysis for deeper understanding 

A detailed, comprehensive analysis of all of your signs of strengths and potential opportunities across all 13 factors, as it pertains to developing confidence. 

THOUGHT exercises for growth and development

A series of thought exercises that are tailored to your areas of opportunity that will help you develop the mindset and behaviors needed to improve.