Confidence is at the very core of people having the ability to grow and achieve happiness. 

By developing specific characteristics and behaviors, you can feel confident enough to be more creative, innovative and happier, both professionally and personally.  The evaluations are quick, taking only 15 minutes on average, and are designed to really make you think about who you are, covering over 70 attributes that are commonly found in successful, truly, confident people.

What you get

an easy to digest confidence overview

An overview of your top strengths and areas of opportunity, your level for each of the 13 factors of confidence, as well as your personal and behavioral breakdowns.


comprehensive analysis for deeper understanding 

A detailed, comprehensive analysis of all of your signs of strengths and potential opportunities across all 13 factors, as it pertains to developing confidence. 

THOUGHT exercises for growth and development

A series of thought exercises that are tailored to your areas of opportunity that will help you develop the mindset and behaviors needed to improve.