Model Library 

From working with HR leadership, IT leadership, Business Leaders and Business Owners, we have several Models that have been researched, developed and tested that may already meet your needs.  If you do not see an existing Model that fits your goals then we can create a custom Model for you.

People, Teams

Models for Empowering People Teams and Organizations

IT and Support

Models for I.T., Customer Care and Support Organizations

Applications and Custom

Product and Application Experience and Custom Models

Models for Empowering People, Teams, and Organizations

The Leadership Quotient

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Create teams and individuals that have a growth-mindset, are emotionally aware, for better feelings of worth, authentic leadership, creativity, and efficiency.

Used for:

  • Developing authentic, leadership and teams, with a mindset for efficient growth.
  • Elevating individual presence, strength of mind-set, interaction abilities, and creativity.
  • Identifying better talent fit for recruitment.
  • Elevating diversity focussed initiatives.
  • Conducting role based training e.g. Customer Service.

The Energy Management Quotient

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Create energized, positive, and resilient individuals and teams by looking at the behaviors that enable high levels of positivity and productivity.

Used for:

  • Equipping teams and leadership with the tools to be mindful, resilient, productive, and fulfilled.
  • Individual Growth for happiness and performance.
  • Creating better team dynamics.
  • Elevating stress management or employee wellbeing initiatives.



The Culture Quotient

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Create an organizational culture of high performance, trust, and connection by looking across space, technology, people, and and process, bringing it all together.

Used for:

  • Identifying why engagement or employee experience scores are low.
  • Creating high performance cultures.
  • Enabling culture transition and integration for mergers and acquisitions

Customer Experience Maturity

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Create organizations that are truly customer focused throughout their environment, and all of their actions and behaviors.

Used for:

  • Diagnosing customer experience maturity levels.
  • Creating roadmaps to increase the customer experience maturity.

Customer Service Experience

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Create interaction experiences that evoke positive emotions for your customers that make them want to come back and recommend you.

Used for:

  • Understanding and improving the dining experience.
  • Soft launches for restaurants to expedite their time to being better operationalized for experience.
  • Understanding and improving the in-store retail service experience.
  • Compare different locations and leverage best practices to make the experience more consistent.

SMB Health

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Drive the optimal chance of business success and growth.

Used for:

  • Understanding how well a business is set up to make it to growth mode and beyond.
  • Evaluating investment opportunities.

Money Beliefs

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Create empowering beliefs and positive relationships with concepts regarding money.

Used for:

  • Understand how your beliefs about money enables your life, or hinders your pursuit of happiness.
  • Break down limiting beliefs and flip your mindset to enable you to reach your version of success.

Models for I.T. and Support Organizations

The Support Experience

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Create support experiences that engage and increase the user experience by optimizing across operations, the users needs, and the business.

Used for:

  • Prioritizing and optimization efforts for impact across the whole ecosystem.
  • Validating your Agent experience is enabling delivery.
  • Ensure leadership and delivery teams are aligned on the experience to be delivered and their measurable areas of impact.

The Meeting Experience

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Create meeting experiences that are effective and engaging, enabling people to connect and do what they need to do without extra meeting struggles distracting them from their interactions.

Used for:

  • Understanding how space, technology, furniture, and processes come together to create the meeting experience.
  • Diagnosing your current meeting experience and see where you are against the optimal.
  • Make smarter investment choices to increase productivity and experience.

The I.T. Employee Experience

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Create an IT organization that is an enabler to the business, partaking in innovation, delivering experiences, and doing more than keeping the lights on.

Used for:

  • Looking at the IT organization through the lens of the employees.
  • Making smarter more meaningful investments to increase experience and productivity.
  • Increase organizational understanding of how everything comes together to provide an experience.


    Other Models...

    Application Experience

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    Create application experiences that deliver ease, experience, and evoke positive emotions.

    Used for:

    • Understanding how to improve applications, software, hardware, processes, or services.
    • Close the perception gap between product teams and what their customers really perceive.
    • Providing multidisciplinary, objective reviews.

    Custom models

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    If one of our existing models do not work for your needs, we can create a custom one for your vision, goal, or experience.    We will use our proven approach to determine the exact success factors for the scope, goal, and environment.

    Used for:

    • Understanding what factors and attributes contribute to success.
    • Uncovering your audiences unstated needs.
    • Proactively guide your organizational roadmap.