See your experience through the eyes of your customers

Increase the experience of your application, website, or software solution in your very next sprint.

Our industry recognized experience review process enables you to gain rapid, quantified, and actionable insights about your total experience so that you understand exactly what you need to do for measurable improvements. 

Within 1-2 weeks the results of our approach, which combines the testing of user perception, design, usability, and overall experience, will enable you to gain a holistic view to work from. 

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Understand what you can tangibly do to improve.

Rapidly identify quick wins and startegic efforts.

Within 1-2 weeks, the feedback you receive will be actionable and directly related to your customer flows and interactions so that you can easily determine efforts and plan what your best path for improvement will be.

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Align product, development, and, leadership.

Operate with a fully customer-centric view, understanding and empathy.

Our experience reviews use a structured approach to look at your product or service for areas of improvement as it pertains to design, usability, flow, and overall experience.  Our proprietary methodology was recently featured in IDC's PeerScape "Practices for Tackling Usability in the Mobility Space" (2016).

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Fast insights from multidisciplinary, objective reviewers.

Options to suit your needs, timeline, and budget.

We use experts across the experience design domain, including the full lifecycle from design to support, as well as participants to cover audience representation.  This ensures the end-to-end experience is considered. 

We can also use our validated approach with participants from your target auidences.

As featured in IDC PeerScape '16

As featured in IDC PeerScape '16

Other Experiences we can Evaluate include:

  • Product Experiences.
  • Service Experiences – customer service...
  • Consumer Experiences – hospitality, retail, travel...
  • Custom.