Enterprise Productivity Tool


The Problem

While the solution was attempting to address a very clear problem, it was unable to scale to the market opportunity due to poor implementation.

There was low product usability due to non-intuitive underlying user flows.

Root Cause

Solution features did not align correctly to user or customer pain points.

There was no real process to take customer input and translate this into solution features that accurately addressed the customer needs.

the solution


Trained the UX team and cross-functional teams that were pivotal in enabling the experience to be delivered.


Defined and prioritized development to rapidly fix the user experience and provide business value using customer and end user studies.

Developed and implemented a cross functional UX design process to see customer data realized through design, development and deployment.


Implemented persona driven experiences as a driving strategy.


  • Increased speed to delivery by 300% via strategic product design and agile development.
  • Transformed user experience to fit the Enterprise audience.
  • Mobile applications designed into the device lifecycle of the experience.
  • Usable and valuable product features, with the team able to roadmap them adequately in an agile manner.
CTO, Collaboration Software Start-Up

Transforming the Product experience using success factor insights.

Transforming the product experience.
A viable product:  Lighthouse Customer Feedback