Empowering the growth of Diverse Leadership

Building the next step toward your diversity goals

Old National Bank is leading the way in creating a diverse field of leaders through numerous programs and training opportunities and, we believe there are great possibilities to align our missions and tackle this goal together. 

We believe there are multiple areas in your ONUniversity that we can custom fit our Index to, to better propel your leadership training results. Your Career Track, Catalyst, and Leadership Academy programs all align perfectly with the goals of our Index as they all strive to instill the proper skills and mindsets of a developing leader. But it is your Manager Certification Program that stands out, as our Index’s focus on building an authentic self-confidence and bold communication skills, could tremendously aid in the goals of this program. With our Index custom fitted into your program to improve the results as our evaluation can provide an in-depth initial assessment of the participants’ confidence as a leader and, through our report, gradually provide them with the tools and exercises needed to improve upon it. 

Our Index strives in initiatives built around empowering and encouraging the growth of diverse climates. Old National Bank has made a commitment to creating that very climate, and we believe our Index would be a great tool in showing your continued effort to that commitment. See for yourself how the data our Index affords can help propel your initiative to the next step. Simply follow the link below and enter your code to see how.

Retain and Develop your Diverse Leaders, Enabling them to: 


Discover their value AND DRIVE a true sense of belonging within your workforce 

The Index helps your diverse talent understand their impact and contribution to the organization. 

We can directly correlate their personal strengths to business impacts across 6 competitive advantages, as well as where to help them identify where they can empower themselves, and the business. This includes how they contribute to Innovation, Connectedness, Trust, Efficiency, External Perception, and Awareness. A valued employee is a productive employee, and our Index aims to highlight the value in every participant

Breakthrough Barriers


Isolate disempowering beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors for impactful action.

Through months of research and working with respected experts in the field, our Confidence Index provided barrier breaking results to the numerous events and programs we've already partnered with.  Participants of such events receive proven results that not only have been quoted to help empower them, but aid them as they build roads to a newfound success. Confidence is the one thing that tends to hold minority employees back the most, but through the aid of our Confidence Index, we believe we can strive for a world where that is no longer the case.

13 factors of confidence

The 15 minute evaluation, enables people to reflect on how certain behaviors and thoughts are creating disempowering internal barriers or empowering openings for growth. 

Results reveal your empowerment levels based on a scale of over 70 attributes, across 13 factors, portrayed by authentically confident people.  

  • Risk Taking
  • Responsibility
  • Communications
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Self Awareness
  • Trust Development
  • Productivity
  • Self Assured
  • Drive
  • Positivity
  • Conviction
  • Knowledge
  • Physical Presence

Proven Results!

"Sometimes it can be one or two things that are throwing off the whole thing.  The Index isolates exactly what the barriers are, which enables you to focus on something actionable.”
Julie, EY Leadership

"Honestly without the  confidence index, exercises and growth that it brought me, I'm not sure I would have even started looking or looked at what else the work held, so thank you again. I'm not sure you will ever know the impact you've had on my life."
Heidi, Senior Manager, Tech

"The ease of working with the EffectUX team, speed of delivery, and quality of performance exceeds most business partnerships. Our business would not be where it is today without our partnership with EffectUX."

Saren Steigel,

CEO The Glow Effect


Example Confidence Report