Empowering Diverse Growth in your Workforce

Building the next step toward your diversity goals

Confidence is the one thing that tends to hold minority employees back the most, and only when disempowering beliefs and social obstacles in the work place are broken down, can minority voices then strive for personal and professional success. Our Confidence Index has proven to grant these results, allowing disempowered groups to create a presence of power and equity that fast tracks their development into leadership roles. 

Baxter offers numerous useful training programs for all their employees, and even more so for employees rising into your leadership roles. Our Index can be acclimated into this training to grant your employees—especially those of minority voices—the tools they need to communicate and present themselves as bold, confident, leaders. Our Index has been implemented into multiple training programs already, typically with a focus on leadership development in women, and it has successfully achieved boosted results in minority leadership roles at every level. We see potential to custom fit our Index into your training program to aid you as you continue to develop a wider minority representation in your workforce. At the very least, sharing our Index with your Building Women Leaders and Latinos@Baxter resource groups would be a great way to send a message of support. 

Our Index strives in initiatives built around empowering and encouraging the growth of diverse climates. You have numerous projects in the works at Baxter aimed to further encourage and retain a highly talented class of diversity, and we’d like to give you an edge in those efforts through our already-proven Index. As a gesture of thanks, for the work you’ve already committed to diversity, and to show you how serious we are about working with you, we want you to see for yourself, complimentary, just how valuable the data our Index affords can be. Simply follow the link below and enter your code to see how. 

Retain and Develop your Diverse Talent, Enabling them to: 


Break through barriers to strive for more

The Index takes a comprehensive look across over 70 attributes, to enable individuals to identify and isolate their barriers. 

The evaluation and report enables the development of the mind-sets, processes of thought, traits, and behaviors needed to grow ones full potential so that the gap of diversity in leadership roles begin to close. By isolating and identifying their disempowering beliefs and enabling them to train their processes of thoughts to make new behaviors stick, they can breakthrough their current barriers for personal and professional success. No employee should feel they are below the glass ceiling. Our Index grants them the mindset and habits to create an authentic and bold presence that will guide them through a leadership development. 

13 factors of confidence

The 15 minute evaluation, enables people to reflect on how certain behaviors and thoughts are creating disempowering internal barriers or empowering openings for growth. 

Results reveal your empowerment levels based on a scale of over 70 attributes, across 13 factors, portrayed by authentically confident people.  

  • Risk Taking
  • Responsibility
  • Communications
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Self Awareness
  • Trust Development
  • Productivity
  • Self Assured
  • Drive
  • Positivity
  • Conviction
  • Knowledge
  • Physical Presence

Proven Results!

"Sometimes it can be one or two things that are throwing off the whole thing.  The Index isolates exactly what the barriers are, which enables you to focus on something actionable.”
Julie, EY Leadership

"Honestly without the confidence index, exercises and growth that it brought me, I'm not sure I would have even started looking or looked at what else the work held, so thank you again. I'm not sure you will ever know the impact you've had on my life."
Heidi, Senior Manager, Tech

"The ease of working with the EffectUX team, speed of delivery, and quality of performance exceeds most business partnerships. Our business would not be where it is today without our partnership with EffectUX."

Saren Steigel,

CEO The Glow Effect


Example Confidence Report