Becoming an Advisor

We provide high quality Experience Design Thinking to our clients.  Our Advisors must possess exceptional skills in Experience Design, both strategically and tactically.  Advisors can be strategy generalists (across the full lifecycle spectrum), or dedicated (to a specific experience type or phase e.g. support).  

Do you qualify?

To qualify you will need to demonstrate: 

Clear evidence of industry thought leadership.

Understanding of the intersection between business, technology and experience.

True passion for Experience Design.

The process


Make sure you fit the criteria above, then apply using the form below.

Your application will be reviewed. The information you provide will only be shared with our internal advisor-selection committee.


If you meet the necessary criteria, you will then speak to our leadership to determine fit to purpose, culture and skills.


We want to focus your exceptional skills on providing the best advice to leadership, so, once an Advisor, we will work with you to match you to the right leaders, aid in further training, and process all business transactions.  

Apply to Become an Advisor

Please note: submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be invited to become an Advisor.

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