do more, faster with an Agile workplace culture

An agile workplace culture brings together people, technology, space and processES to get things done in the best way.  

It is a culture of learning, experimentation and continuous delivery, where people strive to excel as a team, to deliver on the business outcomes and provide a meaningful customer experience.

Through much research, we have developed an Index to measure and provide insights into your Workplace Culture.  Our Agile Workplace Evaluation will tell you your current state, and how you can move the needle on agility.

Obtain a 360o view of everything that creates an Agile Workplace.

Our Agile Workplace Index was created using our proprietary approach, it covers over 70 attributes across 14 factors that create an environment where agility can thrive.

This includes looking at the agility of your workforce, leadership, technology, environment and processes.

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Track your progress and see how you can develop into an Agile Workplace.

Your dashboard will show you how you stacked up, as well as an analysis of your maturity so that you can see what exact areas you need to focus on to advance.


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Simulate the impact of ideas to see how far they will move the needle.

There are many ways to develop your agility.  What is best for you will depend on your environment, organization and people.

Looking at your current state, we can measure up and model the impact of solution ideas and concepts so that you can make a decision based on what has the best chance of success given your context.

how we measure the agile workplace

Our evaluations look at 4 core drivers of Agility:


The enablement of driving connections between people, their individual purpose, and each other. 


The enablement of an environment where ideas can thrive and diverse perspectives can connect.


The enablement of the abilities, process and supporting environment to drive response, action and decision.


The enablement of the fluidity in place and type of work to support the desired individual and business goals.

We assess progress across over 70 attributes, covered by 14 factors.

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WORKSPACES - Spaces that support intention of action, creativity, connection and collaboration.

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FLEXIBILITY - The ability to adapt and change given circumstance.

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TECHNOLOGIES - The supporting infrastructure and capabilities to share, connect, and collaborate.

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PURPOSE - A connection to the Company’s vision and reason for existence, that creates a positive effect related to the individual's meaningfulness.

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MANAGEMENT - The role of management as an enabler of the agile workplace culture.

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COMMUNICATIONS - Clear, transparent, aligned communications.

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PRODUCTIVITY - The rapid and smooth continuation of delivery.

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PROCESS AND STRUCTURE - The underlying support of the organization's set-up to drive the agile workplace culture’s behaviors and outcomes.

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SELF-CONFIDENCE - Individual ability to take accountability, demonstrate emotional and situational awareness, and the drive to achieve excellence.

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GROWTH - Development beyond the immediate needs, through both knowledge and practical opportunities.

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INCENTIVES - The drive of behaviors and achievements through positive motivations.

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LEADERSHIP - The role of leadership as drivers of the vision through anticipated and unanticipated market landscapes.

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MEASURES - The right measures to drive shared accountabilities and customer centricity.

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TRUST - The development of an open and honest environment to promote the connection and ideation between people.